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Monday, January 31, 2005

Well, I've been back at it lately. I'm still working away on Mythconception, although the last couple months I've mostly just been listening to what I have so far, nitpicking them, and figuring out what still needs to be done.

Ever since I first issued the Suchness album I've been thinking about re-recording the old tracks from it. I've begun that as a second project, to "cleanse the palate" while working on Mythconception. The new version of "What Have You Done" is underway, with a good foundation of drums and keyboards already recorded.

More surprisingly, my old Jawbone bandmate, Rick, and I have started working together a bit again. Yes, Jawbone may still yet be alive! It started last week when, just to see how it sounded, I recorded some of the keyboards from our old song "Making Waves" using vintage early-80s Oberheim sounds. It came out pretty amazing-sounding, and I let Rick hear it. To my surprise, he was eager to re-record it! How completely friggin' cool! So, I've continued work on laying down drums and keyboards for a new recording of "Making Waves." It's sounding pretty amazing to me, and Rick seems impressed. This past weekend I started work on re-recording one of my favorite Jawbone tracks that I was the primary author of, "Superposition," and that one is sounding even more amazing than "Making Waves."

Last week I received some new, professional microphones from Musician's Friend, and I have the cables for them as well as a sustain pedal for my keyboard all on back order. I'm really looking forward to getting the cables and pedal. I've been holding off on recording any vocals or acoustic guitars so I can use the new microphones.

So, I've definitely been at work on new music. Between Mythconception, re-recording tracks for Suchness v2.0, and the resuscitation of Jawbone, it's been rewarding and exciting lately.


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