Judebear Software’s Fonts

by Dave Ward

Freeware for Macintosh and Windows
©2004 by Dave Ward/Judebear Software

We’ve put together a few fonts over the last five years (starting in 1999). Now, for the first time, our fonts are available on the web for free downloads. The fonts are available in OpenType Format (OTF) which works on both Macintosh and Windows, as well as in Macintosh TrueType format.

Diovol font family: Download as cross-platform OTF (not yet available as Macintosh TrueType).

Illuminated: Download as OTF or Mac TrueType

Mucha: Download as OTF or Mac TrueType

Rock Tree Caps: Download as OTF or Mac TrueType.

Tristan Hand: Download as OTF or Mac TrueType.

Waters Hand SC: Download as OTF or Mac TrueType

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Version History:

v1.0— [15nov2004] Initial public release on the web

Application, documentation and all affiiated files, resources, graphics and data are ©2004 by Dave Ward/Judebear Software

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